6YRSHengshui Liou Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd.
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Hengshui Liou Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 and is located in a beautiful northern lake city- Hengshui city , Hebei Province .The company mainly deals in shapewear, sports brace, men and women clothing, sportswear, sleepwear, children's clothing, socks and other products. Since its establishment, our company has established long-term business relationships with customers in more than 100 countries. Our products are mainly exported to the United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Sierra Leone and other countries.fast delivery and high quality products, win support and trust of many customers , established a long-term cooperative relationship with us.We have a professional design team that can provide customers with OEM and ODM services. Our customization advantage is to accept small orders and quick orders, so many small and medium-sized buyers like to cooperate with us.We also have more than 20 cooperative factories to serve us, these factories with our long-term and stable cooperative relationship can meet the needs of our customers.We have a professional, passionate, attitude and responsible team that Can meet customer demand for pre-sale and after-sale services. Customer satisfaction with our service is the purpose of our company.In the next ten years, I hope that our company will become an excellent supplier in the clothing industry, providing the best quality products and services for buyers from all over the world. Whether you are a large company or a small company, welcome to discuss business cooperation with us.our company is the best choice for you.
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कई विशेष चीज़ों वाला आपूर्तिकर्ता
Hebei, China
मुख्य उत्पादकुल कर्मचारी
5 - 10 People
कुल वार्षिक राजस्व
स्थापना वर्ष
प्रमुख ग्राहक
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सहयोग फैक्टरी जानकारी

फैक्टरी का नाम
Shantou Chaoyang District Guiyu Naziting Knitting Underwear Factory
सहयोग अनुबंध
साल के सहयोग
7 Years
वार्षिक उत्पादन मूल्य
Below $100 Thousand
उत्पादन क्षमता
(उत्पाद नाम)waist trainer; (वार्षिक उत्पादन मात्रा) 100000 Piece/Pieces
(उत्पाद नाम)butt lifter; (वार्षिक उत्पादन मात्रा) 80000 Piece/Pieces
(उत्पाद नाम)corset; (वार्षिक उत्पादन मात्रा) 10000 Piece/Pieces

फैक्टरी जानकारी

फैक्टरी का आकार
Below 1,000 square meters
फैक्टरी का स्थान
22-1904 Hengda Oasis, Nanhuan Road, Taocheng District, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China

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